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Bee Honey Healthy
30 E.Church St.
New Vienna


About us

BEE HONEYHEALTHY is interested in promoting healthy lifestyles through supplementation using whole foods. It is my mission to support bee hive heath, promote their products and introduce them to a world where health insurance is rising and alternative health care is becoming mainstream. 

  I am a resident of Medina, Ohio- "The Honey Capital of the World," and I  recall numerous stories about The A.I. Root Company and its influence with my immediate family during the depression. My father, Wayne Crum and my grandfather worked the hives at the Root Company for pennies a day supporting their family of seven. The stories were full of interesting facts embedded in wit.

My father's cherrished copy of the book " ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture " by A.I. Root intrigued me as a child. Upon the death of my parents (2008/2010), I vowed to carry on the legacy by promoting bee products and bee sustinance. The XYZ Bee Culture book continues to  provide pertinent  information about bees and their healthy bi-products. 

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Speaking and Training

I am available for speaking engagements on a variety of bee related subjects. Below is a sample of one of my recent presentations.

Professional Award:

I attempt to use my experience to provide strong leadership in a learning environment for students and colleagues. I share my expreience with The Elite Radio Network.