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A.I. Root Company-Fine candles, gifts and honey for over 130 years.

Apihealth-Unique Bee venom and Bee Health products from ApiHealth NZ Ltd

APIMONDIA(International Federation of Beekeepers' Association)

Apitherapy-A non-profit membership organization devoted to advancing the investigation and promoting the use of honey bee products. is, simply said, the use of Bee Products to Prevent, Heal or Recover someone from one or more diseases/conditions.

Apiservices-Bees, honey, equipment, journals, market, associations, companies, classified ads, forums, tools, events, institutes, laboratories, museums, personalized advice, databases, links, etc.

Bee Buzz-Stuff for kids

Bug and Insect Learning-Lots and lots of "stuff" about bugs and bees

Beelite Candles & Wax  - All Natural Environmentally Friendly Candles

Bee Keeping Starter Kit - A premiere website specifically designed with the beginning beekeeper in mind. Venom Therapy Supplies and Books

Beeremovalspecialist-Bee control

Chiropractors in LA-Provides Chiropractic treatment, diagnosis and rehabilitation of musculoskeletal injuries in Culver City L.A., California

One Man’s Journey with MS & BVT - Inspirational Story; well worth the read.

Help The Honey Bee-Pretty cool, interactive site for kids and adults

Pfeiffer Center-Dedicated to education, research and outreach in farming, gardening and beekeeping.

The United Kingdom Apitherapy Society -UK Apitherapy

Glen Heaven Propolis- A revolutionary water solution of WHOLE propolis.

Green Search. Green Directory-Search the green web! Support the environment. Think Green.

Heartland Healing - Information about alternative medicine, natural healing, complementary therapies and the healing arts in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska.

Red Bee/Rossape-Every bottle of our own artisanal honey is a gourmet worthy food

United Plant Savers- United Plant Savers' mission is to protect native medicinal plants of the United States and Canada and their native habitat while ensuring an abundant renewable supply of medicinal plants for generations to come. 

Tinymd-Bee venom therapy for Autoimmune