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Bee Honey Healthy
30 E.Church St.
New Vienna


Enriched Honey Products

Honey is known for its antioxidant and antiviral capabilities. There is evidence that honey increases general health. A tablespoon a day relieves allergy symptoms as well as support the immune system. Alternative medicine indicates that honey helps relieve the symptoms of MS, Fibromyalgia and Lyme Disease.

Comb Honey

Chunk Honey Comb in a 1 pint glass jar; an old time favorite. Comb honey is great for allergy and sinus relief. Comb honey contains bee pollen, royal jelly and bee propolis. Many sinus sufferers chew the wax for it's relieving properties. Others enjoy the taste and extra energy it supplies.

1 pint-$10.95

Plain Creamy Honey

Plain, Creamy, Gourmet Honey.  It is naturally healthy, raw, and whipped. This honey spreads like butter.

Convenient 1 lb tub-$7.95

Bee Venom and Wildflower Honey

This tub is raw and unprocessed wildflower honey with bee venom. One teaspoon contains more than one bee sting. Do not mix with anything HOT as this destroy the live enzymes in the honey and evaporates some of the venom.

Many people use this type of honey and Venex for Lyme disease, arthritis and MS support. It is also being used by many as a wrinkle reducer. the honey moisturizes and the bee venom stimulates collagen production.

 Caution: Make sure you are not allergic to bee stings/bee venom

Wildflower Honey & Royal Jelly

Royal Jelly in Raw Honey. 30,000 mg Royal Jelly (760 mg Royal Jelly per teaspoon.) Does not need refrigeration.

Royal jelly is the substance fed to a worker bee that creates the queen bee. 

1 pound jar-$19.95

Healthy Hive Combo

Fresh royal jelly 1,000 mg; Bee pollen 1,000 mg.; Bee propolis 1,000 mg.; Ginseng 500 mg. in a Raw Honey base. All of the bees biproducts are available in this combination. The honey taste and texture of this product is slightly different.

Convenient 1 lb container-$19.95

Oregon Raw Honey


Embossed Bee Jar With Honey. Each jar contains 1 Lb. of Honey.

1 lb.-$5.95